I had considered posting this blog anonymously, due to the fact that I hate confrontation by former fundamentalist friends who would enjoy checking my blog to make comments with the purpose of reconverting me to my former fundamentalist mindset. But I decided to demonstrate a bit of courage –

My name is Tiffani Cappello. Mom of 7 and wife to a very patient man. Former fundamentalist trying to find her way through the maze of theological confusion that pollutes the landscape of modern Christendom. I am an Ex Quiverfull, ex homeschool cult, ex Pearl follower, ex Charity, ex IFB, ex KJV only, ex isolationist, and ex hell-fire and brimstone. Still pro – Jesus and pro – love, even though that is hard for the fundamentalist mind to wrap itself around.
I love my children and family. I enjoy running and weight lifting. I am a certified nutritional consultant and personal trainer who enjoys helping others achieve their fitness and weight loss goals as well as look younger. See my other website http://www.about-facefitnessgeauga.com to learn more about my business.


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