Quoted from a post on Homeschoolers Anon:

It’s really ironic, that homeschoolers hold up their practice as this alternative to the evils of bullying and peer pressure in the public schools. Because there is so much bullying and peer pressure between homeschooling parents, it’s ridiculous. Watching homeschool moms tear each other apart with their words is really scary. They’re brutal to one another.

I’m deeply grateful that I had parents that stood up for me. And I’m glad finally people are standing up for people like my parents (and in a sense, against what my parents later became), by standing up against the systematic bullying, peer pressure, and brainwashing that pervades the homeschooling world.

My comments:

I subscribed a week ago to this blog and I have been horrified to read the stories of what goes on in some homeschooling families. I am thinking of writing up my story and sharing it there. I think the homeschool cults do a lot of damage to women, not to downplay the effects on the children. I feel I suffered irreparable damage to my health. My children have suffered some ill effects as well and I often struggle to forgive myself for the pain I caused them. I am not against all homeschooling. Although my oldest 3 children go to school, I am still homeschooling my youngest two – although next year they will be doing online public school.

I think homeschooling can be healthy and balanced and I know families that have done an excellent job. Those are the families that steered clear of the fundamentalist homeschool cults. I was not so lucky. I suffered under the pressure and from and a very real breakdown in my health from trying to live up to the impossible standards of perfection. Godly women don’t have needs. Godly women don’t use birth control. Godly women bake their own bread and eat whole foods ALL the time. Godly women homestead (includes raising all your food organically, milking goats, butchering chickens). Godly woman give their children a Charlotte Mason education while doing all of the above, of course while maintaining an immaculately clean home and always looking neat and attractive for your husband.

The pressure (yes, it is peer pressure) in these groups is worse than what I faced in public highschool. And dissenters are gossiped about, shunned, and stabbed in the back at regular intervals. A far cry from “they will know you are Christians by your love”.

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