Some thoughts on HELL

I think it is interesting that you don’t find the apostles threatening folks with hell in the book of Acts. I am not sure of the validity of someone’s faith in Christ if they are coerced and bullied into accepting him because “you might die on the way home from this meeting” or ” if you die today you will burn forever in hell”. I don’t see the apostles preaching in this manner.

I also think it is odd that Judaism had no concept of eternal torment. In the OT we hear of Sheol, which is clearly synonymous with the grave – if you look up all the passages and study the word in Greek, this is clearly seen. To verify this I contacted no less than 12 rabbis. Ancient Juddaism had no concept of an eternal hell. Don’t think this was an oversight on God’s part. To be fair, some forms of modern Juddaism do acknowledge the notion of hell.

You do not find God warning Adam and Eve of eternal punishment. You do not find its mention in the account of Noah’s flood when probably millions would have entered eternal torment. Hmmm. So folks that question the eternal nature of hell (annialationists) are called heretics?

Why are we so anxious in Christendom today to throw around the word heretic and question everyone’s salvation who is willing to make honest inquiries into matters. Are we not told to be like the Bereans? Somehow it smacks of mind control to me when folks are not permitted to make honest inquiry without being judged. Any church that condemns honest questioning is concerning to me. How did Jesus deal with Nicodemus’ honest questions?


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